PRoCARE Technical Service
Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Consider the last major purchase you made. A new car. Your home. If you’re like most people, you put some effort into maintaining it, so it performs at its best for as long as possible. A little TLC goes a long way.Apply that same level of care to the equipment in your facility and reap the rewards.

  • Higher yields: A properly maintained machine – regardless of age – produces consistently high-quality product cycle after cycle, shift after shift.
  • Increased uptime: High-performing machines, educated operators and your SmartParts inventory program make downtime a distant memory.
  • Reduced costs: Maximum Production + No Downtime = Increased Profit.

Your Partners in Production

Since 1952, TIPPER TIE has helped processors of all sizes improve their efficiency, increase production, and maximize profitability. Our global Technical Service team maintains this commitment for the lifetime of the machine. We continue to build on our customer relationship through technical services.


The Wellness Check

Awareness is the key to avoiding downtime. Identifying problems before they lead to failure is the goal of the Wellness Check. This 30-point inspection encompasses all criteria to ensure the integrity of your machine. Items needing repair or replacement are identified on the Recommended Parts List. Adjustments may be made during the inspection for immediate performance impact. After the Wellness Check, a regular inspection schedule will be proposed to keep the machine operating at its full potential. A Wellness Check for a single machine can be completed in one day. Customers with more than one TIPPER TIE machine may schedule a multi-day visit to save on travel costs. Please contact Technical Service for more details.


People are a company’s most valuable asset. Empower your operators with the knowledge and hands-on training they need to be successful. TIPPER TIE offers comprehensive training programs both on-site and at our facility in Apex, North Carolina. Through continuous training, the full potential of your processing operation comes to life. Standard training topics include Machine Operation, Preventive Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Diagnostics, Operator Safety and Sanitation Practices. Custom-tailored training is also available based on your unique production environment.



Your machine is in top condition, and your operators are thoroughly trained. Now keep it going. That’s what our SmartParts program is all about.

Be prepared for unexpected downtime with replacement parts on hand. During your SmartParts evaluation, we will identify critical parts to keep on your shelves. Continuous, uninterrupted production is one step closer!

Extend the longevity of your existing parts with Preventive Maintenance. Our technicians will show you how to adjust, lubricate, tune the speed, and set up mechanical assemblies to keep them performing at their best. Avoid premature replacement cost with the simple techniques uncovered during this evaluation.

Consider scheduling a SmartParts evaluation during your Wellness Check to save on travel costs.

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Customer Testimonials

“Anyone can put out a machine. But if it's not backed with parts and service, the machine is no good.” ~ Dean Lea, Blue Ridge Beef

“We’ve dealt with TIPPER TIE for years and they have stood behind everything we’ve bought from them. They're like partners in our business.” ~ Paul Otten, Wenneman Meat

“After-sale support is very important. If we were to start again for the purchase of a new machine, we would choose TIPPER TIE again. That's a very good result.” ~ Anders Storsved, Snellman

“What I like about my suppliers is the backup I get from them – after sale service. TIPPER TIE has been a 10 so far.” ~ Buster Peeling, Tulip Ltd.

“Your technician gave us confidence. For the first two weeks with our TN4200, he trained all of our operators and engineers. This was fantastic.” ~ Stuart Clarke, Tulip Ltd.