Your Premier Packaging & Processing Partner

From its origins making clip closures for meat casings to an array of innovative packaging closure systems today, TIPPER TIE has a history of working closely with its customers, identify and service their needs for processing and packaging meat, poultry, and other diverse food and non-food products.

TIPPER TIE and the Consumables Industry

TIPPER TIE understands the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. The company invests time and money in innovative machines designed to help customers work smarter and more efficiently. TIPPER TIE also researches the best, most efficient consumables to fit the unique needs of any given industry.


TIPPER TIE develops machines and consumables designed to work together, saving money and increasing the longevity of the machine. Imagine a family of TIPPER TIE machines and clips together creating a single, simple promise – the best total cost of ownership for the processing and packaging of valuable goods.