Area of Application

The series TCV table-top clippers are used wherever absolutely secure closure is needed. Sausage, poultry, game, mussels, fresh meat and cheese packagings are sealed using these devices. Devices from this series are also very suitable for pre-configuring casings, packaging chemicals and all other products that are packaged in a net, a bag and in the various casings. This machine series is used in large and in small companies. The sturdy helpers can be used in a variety of areas depending on the requirements. There are a wide variety of applications. The following examples show how universally the clip closure can be used before, in or after the process.

Process Packaging

  • A product is cooked or frozen after it is clipped. It can be further processed thereafter, or sent out.
  • A clipped net allows the product to be smoked in any desired shape and surface structure.

Protective Packaging

  • A product is provided with a protective covering for hygienic reasons.
  • Products are sent out in thick protective bags.
  • Products are protected against dust during intermediately storage.

Final Packaging

  • The sealed product provides an advantage in presentation to customers. Labels, product shapes, colors of the package and closure material leave a lot of room to play with in structuring products.

Standby Machine

  • With these machines, one can react very flexibly to capacity jumps, rework, loss of other lines or surprises in daily production.
  • The packaging of specialty products can be done in a cost-effective way using them.

Packaging Material

  • The Series TCVx06 can be used for bags, nets and small plastic casings.
  • The Series TCVx07 can be used for bags, nets, small plastic casings and all other commonly available casings.
  • Low life-cycle costs thanks to a sturdy design.
  • The maintenance expense is minimal.
  • The machine has attained the highest hygiene and safety standard.
  • The device is extremely stable and at the same time takes up a very small amount of production space.
  • The machine can withstand the most intense cleaning routines allowed.
  • Hygienic design, smooth surface, and rust-free materials help to maintain the desired operating cleanliness, along with fast and easy cleaning.

Series TCV table clippers are made of chromium-nickel steel and plastic and they meet current requirements for safety and hygiene as defined in a wide range of norms. For example, European Machinery Directive and Clipping Machine Norm EN13885.

Equipment Versions
  • If the sausage is to be processed or displayed in suspended fashion, the loop feeder can be used.
  • A knife provides a straight, good-looking casing end.
  • A maintenance unit provides clean control air at the right pressure; this reduces maintenance costs.
  • Some devices are available with a tilting air suction unit. This air suction unit evacuates the bags to be sealed and then tilts them to the clipper where they are sealed.
  • For special applications and liquid fill material, some devices are available with a horizontal design.
  • The TCV106 machine is available in a special design containing a label feeder. This attaches a label under the clip which is printed during sealing to prevent mis-identification.
Technical Specifications