Area of Application

The table clippers of the TCNV range are used wherever an absolutely secure closure is required. Sausage, poultry, game, mussels and clams as well as packaged fresh meat and cheese can be sealed with these machines. This machine range is used in both large and small businesses. The robust aids can be used for a number of different requirements. There is a wide range of applications. The following example applications show the universal use of the clip closure before, during or after the process.

Process Packaging

  • After clipping, a product is cooked or frozen. It can then be processed further or dispatched.
  • A clipped net allows a product to be smoked with the required shape and surface structure.

Protective Packaging

  • A product is provided with a protective casing for reasons of hygiene.
  • Products are sent in thick protective bags.
  • Products are temporarily stored and protected against dust.

Final Packaging

  • The sealed product enables attractive presentation to customers. A range of labels, product shapes and colors of the packaging and sealing materials enable a large number of different product designs.

Standby Machine

  • With these machines, it is possible to react very flexibly to capacity peaks, re-working, downtimes of other lines or unexpected daily production levels.
  • Specialist products can therefore be packaged at low cost.

Packaging Material

  • The TCNV can be used for natural, collagen, fibrous and artificial casings.
  • Bags, nets, small artificial casings and all other commercially available casings are accommodated.
  • Low life-cycle costs thanks to robust design.
  • Service and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.
  • The machine complies with the highest standards of hygiene and safety.
  • High stability of the machine combined with very small production space requirements.
  • The machine withstands the most rigorous permissible cleaning routines.
  • Hygienic design, smooth surfaces and stainless materials help to maintain the required operational cleanliness, quick and easy cleaning.
  • The flat clip is particularly suitable for sealing sensitive natural casings.

Table clippers of the TCNV range are made of chromium nickel steel and plastic and comply with the latest requirements for safety and hygiene defined in the various standards. e.g. European Machinery Directive and Clipping Machine Standard EN13885.

Equipment Versions
  • If the sausage is to be processed or presented while suspended, the loop feeder is used.
  • A knife ensures straight, attractive ends.
  • A maintenance unit ensures clean supply air at the correct pressure, which reduces maintenance costs.
Premium Quality Clips

High-quality clips are essential to a successful clip closure.

TIPPER TIE clips are manufactured from a special aluminum alloy and are held to exacting specifications that exceed those from the general wire industry. The dimensions of all TIPPER TIE clips are kept within very tight tolerances, ensuring a perfect closure every time. In addition, the free clip ends are rounded and lubricated, to ensure that both clip legs form simultaneously and uniformly as the clip gathers the packaging materials. The result is a clip that closes smoothly and securely every time.
Technical Specifications