SPR Press Tie
Area of Application

The Signature Series SPR Press Tie is ideal for low-cost packaging of pressure-packed products with uniform density or circumference. The Press Tie is the easiest and most reliable way to pack portion-controlled items such as Canadian bacon, smoked butts, rolled and flattened hams, and rolls of all kinds.

Technology & Function

The SPR Press Tie bench clipper is capable of handling all types of casings including fibrous and coated fibrous, as well as nylon and poly stockinette. The SPR features an adjustable air pressure control that permits the casing pulling cylinder to operate at any pre-set air pressure. Each model is constructed from stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials, meeting sanitary design requirements. 

The SPR is easy to use, applying a secure seal with one quick, continuous motion. This hand-operated clipper gathers, draws the product tight and then clips the package. Vertically mounted and pneumatically operated, it is available in several clip sizes to suit the product.

  • Low lifecycle costs due to robust design.
  • Minimal service and maintenance costs.
  • High stability with simultaneous loading of a very small production area.
  • Hygienic design, smooth surfaces, stainless steel materials.
  • The high closure speed supports the ergonomic workflow of the operator.
  • Precise control over clip closure pressure.
Equipment Versions

A knife ensures straight ends with a good appearance.

The FRL assembly (filter/regulator/lubricator) provides clean operating air at the right pressure, reducing maintenance costs.

Technical Specifications