Plastic Clip Clipper
Product Advantage

TIPPER TIE’s stainless steel Plastic Clip clippers provide one step closing and clipping of bags for a variety of products.

User friendly and built to meet AMI standards for sanitary packaging, the Plastic Clip models allow operators to use a single, smooth motion to securely seal product bags.

Whether vertically or horizontally mounted, the Plastic Clip line performs the following:

  • Gathers the neck of the bag
  • Applies a secure seal
  • Trims excess bag tail from the product
  • Applies a tag (with the optional Tagger)

A variety of standard features add value including an air filter regulator for less maintenance, and spooled clips to minimize reloads. Vertical models may be equipped with the optional Tagger for labor savings.

The simple, sturdy Plastic Clip line gets the job done reliably at low cost, with improved throughput. Their simple design and reliable performance are a perfect addition to your clipping operation.

  • Absorbent socks
  • Whole roasters
  • Poultry parts
  • Bags and netting
  • Decorative packaging
  • Seafood products
  • Frozen products
  • Pickles
  • Products pass metal detection
  • Stainless steel and non-corrosive construction meets AMI standards
  • Knife equipped with “shut-off” function
  • Precise control over clip closure pressure
  • Minimal machine maintenance
  • Adapts easily to existing production lines
Optional Taggers

Auto Tagger models add a tag or label into the clipping action, economically adding branding identification on products, without extra labor.

Tags are securely bound to the packaging by means of the clip, assuring a sturdy attachment that stays with the product all the way to the retail customer.

All Tagger models are vertical.

Knife Shut-Off

A ball valve that regulates air to the knife allows operators to disable knife operation. The knife will remain sheathed during the clipping process. A simple twist on the valve toggle will close the air supply. Another twist to open the air supply will reactivate the knife function.

Vertical Clippers

Models are available in left or right-handed operation. Vertical clippers may be ordered with a Tagger.

Horizontal Clippers

Model FSP100L horizontal clipper is designed for left-handed operation. It is not available with a Tagger.

Available Clips

Both vertical and horizontal models are available with plastic spooled clips in white or one of three colors. Spooled clips provide longer, more efficient operation. P-120SP is the standard white clip. Colored clips require a minimum order of one million and are available in blue (P-130SP), purple (P-140SP) and pink (P-150SP).
Technical Specifications