ICV600 & BC400
Product Advantages

TIPPER TIE’s powerful, ICV600 and BC400 clippers grip and close difficult packaging materials such as burlap, plastic, multi-wall laminates and heavy weighted packages.

These air powered, manual gate clippers provide one step closing and clipping of heavy duty woven propylene and polyethylene shot-bags, plastic, multi-wall laminates and heavy-weight packages. They assist operators in gathering the bag neck prior to clipping to securely seal product bags, increasing throughput and efficiency.

Depending on the material, the cross-over clip design provides a seal that will remain air and water-tight indefinitely in most handling conditions. The rugged 400/600 series clips will not slip open or break under extreme handling.


Built for use in any industry that needs a secure clip closure, these clippers apply special 400 and 600 series clips that are well suited for difficult packaging applications such as:

  • Commercial explosives or soil in heavy gauge poly or burlap.
  • Fertilizers in mesh poly or multi-wall bags.
  • Liquid or powdered chemicals in drum lines or plastic bags.
  • Produce wrapped in netting.
Designed for Flexibility and Performance

The ICV600 & BC400 clippers are easily mounted on a stand or pole and can be integrated into most packaging processes. 

Simple, elegant construction makes the clippers accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, horizontal operation allows for a more ergonomic work station, so that operators can lift and manage heavy bags with less effort in the clipping process.

One quick, continuous motion gathers the bag into a neck and applies a strong closure.

Premium Quality Clips

High-quality clips are essential to a successful clip closure.

TIPPER TIE clips are manufactured from a special aluminum alloy and are held to exacting specifications that exceed those from the general wire industry. The dimensions of all TIPPER TIE clips are kept within very tight tolerances, ensuring a perfect closure every time. Furthermore, clip leg ends are radiused and lubricated to ensure that both clip legs form simultaneously and uniformly as the clip gathers the packaging materials. The result is a clip that closes smoothly and securely every time.

In addition, two special clip types are available: PVC coated iron clips to prevent corrosion as well as iron clips for even higher clip retention force.

Technical Specifications