TCV1590 Automatic Single Clipper

TCV1590 is an electronically controlled Single Clipper for processing ready-made casing sections. Among the special features are its speed and an especially long-lasting, solid construction. As a result of the short stuffing tube, a clear sectional view is provided during stuffing. In order to keep the closed casing end clean, and to prevent sausage meat seeping out of the stuffing tube when changing the casing, a pneumatic return pump is installed between the stuffer and the stuffing tube. After the end of a clipping process, this pump pulls the surplus product into a storage tank, and inserts it again at the start of the next operation. Its capacity is 80cm³. When processing products which tend to smear, it is possible to replace the return pump with a so-called raw sausage support. The TCV1590 can be coupled with all conventional stuffers. The size of the portion is determined either by the stuffer, using the clipping pulse, or by the length stop on the clipper.

Technical Specifications