The TN4200 employs a fast-acting, servo-powered breech for outstanding compression of meats into fixed diameter netting or casings. Even tough products like beef will change shape to fit the horn thanks to TN4200 breech system. Compression offers many benefits including uniform shape and diameter, improved cooking yields, even cooking throughout and higher slicing yields.

The TN4200 features a lengthy 812mm (32 inches) breech with a maximum available inside diameter of 178mm (7 inches). Packaging costs can be positively affected as well. Since the casing horn is the same length as the breech, the machine has the flexibility to run shirred casings, roll stock films or nets. Material savings will play heavily in the machine’s payback, too. The tail length of every package is cut to precisely 18.9mm (.745 inches). Every millimeter more adds to the cost of your product.