Area of Application

The TIPPER TIE TN3003 Netter is an automated packaging system that delivers significant production efficiency by reducing netting waste, lowering labor costs, and minimizing product handling. This simple-to-use machine requires only a single operator to place product on a conveyor. The product is then weighed and automatically indexed down a chute. As it descends, a tag is printed with real-time information and fed under the clipper, producing a tightly netted package to finish the cycle. There is no manual twisting for handle making. Creative engineering makes the same sized handle for every package, using less netting and eliminating a taxing repetitive motion. Traditional netted products like whole turkeys, spiral-sliced half hams, turkey breasts, and quarter hams are ideal for the TN3003. Other applications are possible with the TN3003 including shellfish, flower bulbs and more.

Available special options include a scale and printer/tagger combination, and either left or right-hand feed.

  • Automatic handle maker.
  • Automatic netting system.
  • Automatic double-clipper.
  • Built-in Datamax printer and tagger (optional).
  • Allen Bradley controls.
  • Conveyor feed system.
  • Requires only one operator.
  • Constructed from stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.
  • Improved operator safety from eliminating manual handle twisting.
  • Operator fatigue virtually eliminated by minimal product handling.
  • Labor savings with single operator.
  • Additional savings via use of right and left-hand units, allowing one operator to feed two machines.
  • Netting waste eliminated with consistently tight-fitted packaging and uniform handle making.
  • Tags can be preprinted with standard product information on one side and real-time production data like weight, date, and lot number on the other.
  • Longer production runs achievable using Z300 spool clips.
  • More complete and easier cleaning from hygienic design.

Technical Specifications