TN4200 Tooling Cart
Easy Cleaning & Storage of Parts

Daily cleaning and storage of removable parts is made simple with racks designed specifically for the TN4200 and RCB Rucker. Lost parts become a thing of the past as each removable part has its own dedicated space on the tooling cart. Parts are held securely in place, minimizing risk of damage during washdowns. Machine utilization is increased, thanks to faster break-down and start-up before and after a cleaning cycle.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the tooling cart features sloped surfaces and easy access for maximum sanitation.

The TN4200 Tooling Cart is available in two sizes:

  • Large: holds tooling, two pusher guards, breech guard and tray. Part #99-1226-00.
  • Small: holds tooling only. Part #99-1235-00.