TTBag: Complete Whole Bird Bagging System
Efficient, Economical Packaging

The TIPPER TIE family of TTBag machines represents the poultry industry’s premier line for packaging whole birds in an efficient and economical way. These smartly engineered bagging and clipping machines are the result of years of applied experience. The advantage is simple, hassle-free operation and easy maintenance. TTBag systems are designed to maximize labor efficiency and safety, and to integrate smoothly into existing packaging lines. They enable processors to produce tightly clipped bags for consistent, attractive packages and long production runs. With numerous options and accessories available, these value-driven machines can answer practically any processor need.

TTBag Family
TTBag Poultry Bagger

Economic, leak-proof packaging of whole poultry products at speeds up to 40 cycles/minute with two stations. TTBag is available with vacuum and auto-tagger.

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TTBagS Shrink-Bag Poultry Bagger

Premium shrink-bag appearance, with leak-proof clip closure. TTBagS may be used as a standalone bagging and clipping system, or alongside an automated vacuum packaging system.

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TTBagV Vertical Poultry Bagger

Economical bagging and clipping of whole poultry products at speeds up to 20 packages per minute. Bags up to 13” wide (330 mm) are held open for the operator’s convenience.

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