High Performance Vacuum Packaging

TIPPER TIE offers a variety of air-powered vacuum packaging systems including the automated Rota-Matic. Created to reduce total packaging costs with a smart design that delivers high-speed and consistency, the Rota-Matic produces high-integrity vacuum packages effortlessly.

Ease of use is a key benefit to the Rota-Matic. Once the product is placed onto the vacuum nozzle, the bag is voided of air as it continues its path on the rotating table. At the clipping station, a clip is securely applied and the excess bag tail is directed into an integrated compartment for easy removal. The Rota-Matic’s fast, lightweight clipper makes it nearly impossible for a bird hock to enter the clipping gate area. This eliminates costly down time, rework, and the potential for a broken hock or leg that can downgrade a bird. 

TIPPER TIE has engineered a number of enhanced safety features on the Rota-Matic that adhere to the latest international standards. Stainless steel, high mechanical guarding separates the operator from the clipper. The clipper cannot be accessed without opening the guard and breaking the electrical and pneumatic circuits, turning off all power. Distinctive red safety cable is present around the rotating product table. Pushing or pulling the cable during operation automatically cuts power to the machine. An inventive pressure overload system senses any physical resistance to the machine’s rotation and shuts it down to protect the operator. 

Packaging waste is eliminated with the independently valved clipper that operates only when a vacuumized product bag passes into its throat. Servicing the clipper is easy thanks to a simple mounting bracket that permits a quick change of the clipping head.

The Rota-Matic design is both CE and CSA approved.

Technical Highlights

The flexible Rota-Matic may be configured with 8 or 16 rotating vacuum nozzles depending on production needs. All models feature a rotating product table and a specially developed TIPPER Clipper that accommodates a full range of bag types and sizes from 4 inches to 20 inches. 

Constructed primarily of stainless steel and welded throughout, the Rota-Matic's robust construction is suitable for operation in harsh environments. Fluted vacuum probes made of Teflon ensure long-lasting performance.


A PLC controlled variable frequency drive monitors Rota-Matic’s safety systems. The clamps and knife are pneumatically controlled while a simple touch screen enables fast and easy speed control.

Hygienic Design

Rota-Matic complies with NAMI and international hygienic design standards. Its stainless steel construction washes down easily and withstands the strong cleaning agents used in processing facilities. Smooth, pitched surfaces promote fast drying times, and easy access to all key areas ensures complete and thorough cleaning.

Options & Accessories

The Rota-Matic can be equipped to use a variety of clips from TIPPER TIE. Choose the T100 or Z200 clip for small to mid-size products. Larger, heavier products may be packaged with the E500 or the Z400 – the strongest clip for the most reliable vacuum seal.

The Rota-Matic I is designed for poultry and can vacuum package up to 48 pieces per minute. Its angled table ensures consistently tight packaging using gravity to help center the clip on the bird, placing it just under the gathered hocks.

Both models may be ordered as a "Super" Rota-Matic. Ideal for large cavity products, the Super Rota-Matic features larger vacuum nozzles and an optional second pump, enabling faster air evacuation for maximum production speed.

  • Whole birds including chicken, duck and turkey
  • Whole muscle meats
  • Cheese blocks
  • Fresh ground meat chubs
  • Sausage chubs
Customer Value
  • High-speed system processes up to 48 pieces per minute
  • Securely clipped packages are produced every cycle
  • Multiple safety features boost operator safety
  • Simple and effective design ensures reliability and easy maintenance
  • Hygienic design promotes consistently thorough cleaning and meets international standards

Technical Specifications