Productive & Cost Effective

Drawing from years of product development experience with clipping and heat sealing technologies, the TIPPER TIE TTSealH delivers key performance benefits to meat processors, as well as to chemical, confectionary, and dairy manufacturers. This precision-engineered state-of-the-art system for packaging pumpable product improves productivity and lowers packaging costs for processors seeking greater throughput beyond the capabilities of bench clippers or semi-automatic closure machines.

Technical Highlights

TTSealH is designed for compatibility with the TIPPER TIE TT1512 and TT1815 automatic clipper models, and runs cost effective roll stock films. It processes blank or printed films, in addition to most types of monolayer and multi-layer flat foils including poly, mylar, and aluminum coated films. The machine handles film rolls with a maximum diameter of 355 millimeters and accepts a maximum flat film width of 400 millimeters. Compared with using traditional shirred casings, roll stock brings added versatility and critical operational benefits to automatic stuffing and clipping like longer production runs and less downtime. A trained operator can complete changeovers in as little as 10 minutes or less.

The TTSealH has a hot-seal capacity of 30 meters per minute, and produces chubs in calibers from 20 millimeters to 120 millimeters. Its robust safety covers are designed to provide unsurpassed protection and withstand the rigors of any processing environment. It also complies with USDA and CE standards.

An integrated buffer control allows the TTSealH system to start with or without a film buffer. If no buffer is present when the Start button is pressed, the user-defined buffer will be created and clipping will begin automatically.


TTSealH is simple and easy to operate, thanks in large part to advanced touch screen controls that are integrated into the clipper. This highly functional and efficient system enables single-point control of both heat-sealer and clipper in any of several languages, quickly accessing and recalling hundreds of product recipes. System downtime is minimized by the graphical error display that alerts the operator immediately to any machine error and clearly localizes it for a quick solution. As with any TIPPER TIE system, TTSealH meets industry standards and regulations for hygiene, safety, and ergonomics.

Hygienic Design & Maintenance

This compact system is constructed of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials to insure long and safe performance, in addition to fast cleaning and optimized maintenance. Maintenance intervals are displayed on screen to ensure regular service that keeps the TTSealH operating at peak efficiency. State-of-the-art servo drives are used to enhance the machine’s reliability and deliver the utmost in precision operation. In the event of a machine error, an integrated safety control system that monitors the process stops the line.

Options & Accessories

An ink-jet coding system can be added for printing important information such as product names, sell-by dates, and product codes.

Single Supplier System

The complete system from one manufacturer – TTSealH, double clipper, and clips – ensures fault-free production and increases safety. The alloy, profile, and dimensional accuracy make TIPPER TIE clips the industry standard for secure packages. Products can be labeled individually with various marking types. Colored clips or embossed clips excellent means of product identification.

  • Pumpable food products with mid-range viscosity.
  • Heat-sealable roll stock material.
Customer Value
  • Single operator reduces labor costs.
  • Reduced packaging costs with cost-effective roll stock films.
  • Longer production runs with maximum film roll diameter of 355mm.
  • Changeover time 10 minutes or less for trained operator.
  • Fast access and recall of product recipes.
  • Hygienic and ergonomic design enables fast cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Specifications