The All Around Performer

The RS family of automated double clippers is the result of TIPPER TIE’s continued focus on customer value. A top performer in meat and poultry packaging, the RS product line is designed for fast, efficient production of any products within the sizer range. All known casings and netting are accommodated, as well as every pumping system on the market. Other challenging applications such as dairy products and commercial explosives are well served by the RS family. Consistently high performance has led to many satisfied customers around the world.

Technical Highlights

The high-strength, durable voider system is the heart of the RS machine, easily handling products of all densities. Especially with solid products such as whole muscle ham, the RS family is a leader in the industry. Products from 50 to 280mm in diameter are accommodated. High speeds up to 50 cycles start-stop operation, combined with a reliable clip closing system, creates an unmatched advantage in productivity. Further production processes can build on the outstanding properties of the ZR400 clip series.

Intuitive controls allow fast setup time before every production run. The RS product line features heavy duty stainless steel construction for easy wash downs.

A cushion system allows for smooth closure of sensitive casings.

Precise stuffing to a repeatable length is achieved with the RS’s portion length stop. This results in increased slicing yield and less rework when multiple logs are sliced simultaneously.


All RS machines feature intuitive controls for maximum ease of use. A touch screen interface, supported by a sophisticated color guiding system, allows for easy programming and operation. An unlimited number of recipes can be stored for quick product changeovers on RS models equipped with Allen-Bradley controls.

The RS diagnostic system allows a check of every work step when needed. Clear screen messages provide essential communication with the operator.


Many processes require hanging of the product. For these applications, the RS family is available with a looper that is fed during the clipping process. The system is designed for the heaviest product weights. Designed to fit existing production flows, the looper is placed on the left side (second tie) of the machine.

Mirror image machines allow a single operator to run multiple machines for considerable labor savings.

RS4204CM (Collagen Module). Some producers would like their product to have a unique or hand-crafted appearance. This can be accomplished with an attractive pattern on the product’s surface. For this application, TIPPER TIE offers the RS4204CM. This configuration automatically applies collagen film and elastic netting to pumpable pork and poultry products.

Slack Fill System. Another processing option is unique shapes such as a D-shape or square product. This can be achieved with the RS family’s standard Slack Fill System. Tight, air-free products are possible with the RS’s optional vacuum system.

Many horn sizes are available to accommodate each customer’s unique requirements, up to a diameter of 100 mm (4").

The Total Package

TIPPER TIE provides the complete system for clip packaging: machines, clips, loops and labels. Combined with worldwide support and service, customers profit from many hours of safe, uninterrupted production.

Technical Specifications