All Around Performer

The TIPPER TIE Rota-Clip model RCEG-12 is a state-of-the art, high speed, automated production system for packaging pumpable product into a wide variety of flexible packaging materials. Around the world, its demonstrated reliability, versatility, and cost effectiveness make it the right choice for any number of industrial applications such as sealants, mastics, adhesives, and lubricants where through-put and precise volume control. The Rota-Clip meets the strict requirements of the industrial explosives industry. Repeatedly, it has been a proven performer packaging gas and micro-balloon sensitized emulsion and water-gel explosives. Rota-Clip may also be used for food emulsions such as meat, oils, juices and cheese.

Technical Highlights

Central to Rota-Clip’s high production output is its use of economical roll stock plastic film. It forms and seals the film into a cartridge via a heat or glue seal system. This replaces previously used metal cans, composites, or premade cartridge containers enabling customers to reduce or eliminate expensive material inventory and supply issues.

High throughput is generated from a rotating table with up to 12 clipping stations. As it rotates, casings and pumped product are fed into the Rota-Clip reaching production speeds over 330 pieces per minute depending on product length, emulsion viscosity, film type, and pump capacity. Each station has one double clipper that applies two secure clips, one first tie and one second tie.

Integrated Performance Monitoring

Setup and operation are easy with PLC and user-friendly HMI touch screen control with integrated safety and motion control. Splicer, glue seal and clipper are all controlled from a single point. The operator can quickly maneuver though the large touch screen with detailed color graphics and evaluate the machine’s performance checking every work step when needed, and clear screen messages provide essential communication. Standard controls store an unlimited number of recipes making product changeovers quick and efficient.


Processes requiring extended, uninterrupted production runs can add a roll-to-roll film splicer for increased productivity and reduced package costs. An automatic package code dater can also be added. The system is also available with left or right hand operation.

The Total Package

TIPPER TIE provides complete, turnkey solutions for automated, clipped packaging systems. Whatever the need, we have the packaging solutions and processing systems to maximize customers’ productivity. Across industries and applications, TIPPER TIE maintains its reputation for quality, reliability, and design safety. Combined with worldwide support and service, customers profit from many hours of safe, uninterrupted production.

Customer Value
  • Single operator reduces labor costs.
  • Minimized film and product waste from short tail after clip and consistent packaging.
  • Meets or exceeds highest safety standards.
  • Extended run time with optional roll-to-roll film splicer.
  • Precise, consistent package size and volume.
  • Long-term dependability with high integrity triple glue seal on roll stock plastic film.
  • Compatible with leading brands of constant output pumps.

Technical Specifications