When it comes to clip packaging solutions, there is no equivalent to TIPPER TIE. Since its founding in 1952, the company has introduced many welcome innovations in clippers and clip technology, starting with the Tipper Casing Tyer.

Over the years, and thanks to the acquisition of TECHNOPACK GmbH and ALPINA GmbH, the product line has grown to address the needs of meat processors around the globe. Today, TIPPER TIE provides application expertise, equipment and after-sale support to customers of all sizes – from the independent sausage maker and small butcher shop to multi-national Fortune 500 processors.

The full range of clippers includes:
  • Tabletop clippers for small scale or seasonal use
  • Semi-automatic clippers with modular design to grow with your business
  • Fully automatic clippers for high performance and labor savings
  • Netting systems for applications such as ham and large poultry
  • Bagging systems with for whole poultry, deli meats and cheeses
  • Heat-seal and clip systems for pumpable products
  • Hanging systems for automated sausage production
  • Dependable clips, loops and labels for a wide variety of applications

Outside of the meat industry, TIPPER TIE clipping solutions can also be found in the production of vegan products, dairy products, pet food, adhesives and sealants, and packaged commercial explosives.