World leaders in clip packaging solutions since 1952.

TIPPER TIE's clipping systems provide secure clip closure to all types of chub-shaped products, as well as bagged and netted products. Applications include meat and poultry products as well as pet food, adhesive and sealants, environmental control and packaged explosives.

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Enhance your TIPPER TIE investment with dependable clips, loops and labels

High-quality clips manufactured to exacting specifications keep your clipping machine performing at its highest potential. Combine this with durable loops and integrated labels from a single supplier, and your production becomes a worry-free operation.

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Efficient emulsification of a wide range of food products with the TTCut.

Extremely fine cutting in a batch process are the hallmark of the TTCut emulsifier. A non-contact cutting system ensures consistent, premium quality products such as bologna, hot dogs, deli meats, liver sausage, pates, fruit and nut spreads, baby food and more.

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