Vascar and TIPPER TIE’s TTCut a Fine Match

Since opening its doors in 1991 in the eastern Romanian city of Vaslui, Vascar has not only become a respected producer of premium processed meats crafted in the Romanian tradition, but has been a strong proponent of the value of meat in any diet. Its website even puts forth a belief claimed to be shared by all Romanians, "that a meatless meal is a meal without charm." And Vascar clearly communicates to its customers that much of the charm bestowed on every product comes from the care, skill, and soul of the "chef".

The chef-inspired classic tastes of Vascar meats begin in its kitchen which rivals any in the country with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. A key company tenet is to be scrupulously selective in choosing only the finest quality pork, beef, sheep, and spices from food suppliers who place a premium on traceability, food safety, and the origins of all ingredients. The fruit of this unwavering commitment is a savory line of salami, sausage, bacon, canned meat, and more than a dozen pâtés, including vegetable.

Vascar benefits from a wide area of distribution within Romania, particularly with large supermarket chains. This includes the entire region of Moldova and recent southward expansion into Lalomita, Constanta, and Tulcea counties. The company has even opened a number of its own stores to supplement local distribution gaps.

TIPPER TIE Solution Integral to Vascar Process

When Vascar purchased its TTCut emulsifier it knew it was getting great value combined with leading design innovation and functionality. But, they did not realize the machine was so versatile and could be used for so many products. Mr. Gabriel Enache, Deputy Manager of Vascar explains, "We use the TTCut for processed foods or delicatessen products and for the canned food sector. It helps us a lot for pâté, liver sausages, meatloaf, and bologna sausage; in other words, all the products which need to be very fine." The system’s productivity and energy efficiency have been pronounced. "For bologna sausage, which took only five minutes with the TTCut, we used to need approximately half an hour with the previous cutter, which used over 100 kilowatts," said Enache. "Thanks to the TTCut, we reduce power consumption and save a lot on energy costs first of all. And then there is the level of fineness. It is far better in terms of the final product on the TTCut compared to our previous fine cutter." Mr. Enache adds, "In our production flow, without the TTCut, the department would come to a complete standstill. The machine is constantly running."

Detailed Search Yields Dividends

Vascar used a large trade fair in Germany as a venue for talks with prospective equipment suppliers. What made them choose the TIPPER TIE TTCut? Mr. Enache replied succinctly, "I think it was the company’s experts. We had heard about it. We were determined to buy such a machine, but what really convinced us were the experts who presented the machine." That wise decision has been reinforced constantly through Vascar’s TTCut experience. "It brings a lot of benefits in terms of quality and energy savings. Had we not had it, we would have used a lot of electricity and we would have obtained products of a, let’s say, poorer quality." Enache continued with a specific list of critical processing benefits, "It is very fast for the given quantity. We obtain very fine products within the desired parameters, and output temperatures. It does not heat the product, and it does not spoil it. I did not expect such a large output, and to be able to achieve my production targets as quickly."

Vascar describes the TTCut in three words, "Efficiency, speed, quality." When asked if they would recommend TIPPER TIE solutions the answer was a resounding, "Definitely!"

About Emerson Technik

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