Other Industrial Products
Packaging Solutions for Environmental and Landscape Applications

For general industrial applications like absorbents, erosion control products, and landscape materials, TIPPER TIE clipped packaging systems deliver an unmatched combination of market-proven reliability, labor savings, and design innovation. Chub products for retaining, containing, and diverting liquids or slurries and for containing hazardous materials can be produced on a variety of clipping machines, depending on the package size. Popular models include the TT1815, TT1512, KDCM Series, RS4204 Series, and the SBCS.  For medium to high speed production, the automated TTSealH produces heat-sealed or glue-sealed and clipped packages from cost-effective flat film.

On the leading edge of development and a great example of our custom designed solutions is the TIPPER TIE FBCS, an automated system designed to clip a rope of loose strand material at prescribed locations and cut it between the clips. The two exposed ends expand, forming a fibrous ball.  The fiber balls are used as highly-effective, non-retained filter media in waste water treatment.

TIPPER TIE’s low-cost, easy to use table top clippers, semi-and fully-automatic clipping and netting systems are effective for high or low volume requirements and adaptable to a variety of difficult work environments.  Our machines deliver high-strength closures to large casings, netting, and reinforced bags of various diameters and lengths for heavy landscape products like fertilizer, ground cover, sand and gravel.