Rigorously Tested, Proven Reliability for Explosives Packaging.

TIPPER TIE delivers the largest selection of clipped packaging systems for the commercial explosives industry. Manufacturers of packaged explosives rely on our automatic and semi-automatic clipping systems to package both UN 1.1D and UN 1.5D water-based emulsion, water-gel, and slurry explosives in cartridge, chub, and shot bag packages. These systems meet global requirements for use within explosives production facilities and have been thoroughly examined by many Hazards Analysis and Operability Studies (HAZOP) during the course of installations around the world.

Producers of explosives for mining, quarrying, and construction blasting can require different equipment and package options to accommodate their tonnage production targets. When speed, shift-long production runs, and quick packaging material changeovers are critical to optimize productivity, many manufacturers rely on the global standard Rota-Clip automated system. The Rota-Clip produces 25 to 140 mm diameter cartridges at speeds over 400 pieces per minute. For safe, automated production of explosive shot bags, the SBCS (Shot Bag Clipping System) provides double-clip closure for packages from 3-8”, with weights up to 50 pounds. TIPPER TIE’s low-cost table top and semi-automatic clippers deliver high-strength closures for heavy products and accommodate a range of package diameters from 20 to 300 mm.