Adhesives & Sealants
Top Value in Packaging Sealants and Adhesives.

Manufacturers of sealants and adhesives rely on TIPPER TIE for the latest innovations and technologies in automated clipped packaging systems. Our machine designs are noted for delivering values like user friendliness, simplified mechanisms and assemblies, and quick-release elements for faster part changes or easy cleaning. Pumpable mastics, epoxies, glue, and caulk can be packaged in a variety of chub sizes for high-use markets like construction, automotive, aerospace, and marine.

Where long uninterrupted production runs and quick packaging material changeovers are crucial to achieve throughput targets, the highly efficient Rota-Clip system is ideal for pumpable mastics. It produces heat-sealed and clipped chubs from cost-effective flat film over 400 pieces per minute, with a single operator. Package diameters from the Rota-Clip range from 25-130 mm and lengths from 152-457 mm (6" to 18"). For lower speed production, the semi-automatic KDCMA series may be combined with virtually any doser. This high-performance clipper produces chubs in widths from 25-120 mm.

TIPPER TIE provides one-stop, turnkey systems from proposal to installation. Our partnerships with peripheral equipment suppliers, combined with years of industry experience understanding sealants and adhesives products and applications have enabled us to deliver, with confidence, the most complete selection of pre-packaged solutions for our customers’ needs.