Industrial Products

Complete Chub Packaging Systems for Industrial Products

The chub package is becoming the format of choice among end-users and manufacturers because of its low cost, high production output, and labor savings. For nearly any output requirement, producers of sealants, adhesives, erosion control materials, and commercial explosives turn to TIPPER TIE for a wide selection of clipped packaging systems.

High speed production of over 400 pieces per minute is possible with the Rota-Clip automated packaging system. Pumpable emulsions are securely sealed and clipped with the Rota-Clip’s 12-station rotating table.

Medium speed production of 25-70 pieces per minute is the ideal range for the TTSealH. Paired with a TT series automated double clipper, the TTSealH heat-seals and clips packages using cost-effective roll stock film.

Low speed production of 5-15 pieces per minute is met with the KDCMA semi-automatic double clipper. The modular design of the KDCMA line means that the machine can be configured specifically for your business.