Clipping and Cutting Solutions for Sausage Production

In addition to application expertise, TIPPER TIE offers a complete selection of clipped packaging systems and fine cutters for sausage production. From cooked, smoked, dried, summer, and turkey sausage to Chorizo, salami, Braunschweiger, and mortadella, processors around the globe rely TIPPER TIE for dependable production systems with a low total cost of ownership.

Small meat processors and craft butchers can choose from a wide range of low cost table clippers and press ties. For higher production needs, TIPPER TIE provides semi- and fully-automatic clippers that can produce chub packages in collagen, cellulose, fibrous and plastic casing at speeds up to 200 pieces per minute. For the ultimate in automated sausage production, the SwiStick suspension system reduces labor and improves worker safety with hands-free hanging of smoking sticks up to 50 kg onto motorized magazines.