Pet Food
Clip Packaging and Emulsification for Pet Food and Pet Treats

For fresh-ground raw or mixed ingredient semi-fresh roll pet food products, TIPPER TIE clipped packaging systems deliver an unmatched combination of market-proven reliability, labor savings, and design innovation. The fully automated TT1815 and TT1512 are the perfect machines for efficiently producing clipped chubs. They easily handle high-speed demands where shift-long production runs are needed, and the wide caliber range gives the TT1815/1512 the flexibility to accommodate numerous package diameters from 20-140 mm. They also connect simply to most conventional filling systems.

For automated production using cost-effective roll stock film, consider the TTSealH heat-seal and clipping system. The TTSealH may be paired with the TT1815 or TT1512 clipper for continuous production at speeds up to 30 meters per minute. Compared to traditional shirred casings for pet food chubs, roll stock brings added versatility and critical operational benefits like longer production runs and less downtime.

Pet treats like vacuum-packaged smoked bones require over netting for easier handling. The TN3002 automatic netting system applies high-strength closures to these irregularly shaped packages that can weigh up to two pounds or more.