Expertise and Proven Systems for Meat Processing

Around the world, meat processors look to TIPPER TIE for its unmatched selection of clip packaging systems recognized for their reliability, high performance, and food-safe design. Solutions for heat-sealed, clipped, netted and bagged meat and poultry products accommodate production rates from two hundred pounds to hundreds of tons per day.

For all kinds of sausage products and deli meats, TIPPER TIE offers a complete range of clippers, from low cost tabletop models to fully automated hanging lines for industrial production.

Whole bone-in red meat cuts, further processed boneless beef and pork, and picnic and spiral-cut hams find their way into retail meat cases through our TN line of net & clip systems. Pumpable meat products with mid-range viscosity such as pre-cooked ham sausage are efficiently heat-sealed and clipped with the TTSealH.

TIPPER TIE’s low cost and labor-saving table top, semi-automatic, and automatic clippers can package any boneless whole muscle or emulsified products in plastic, fibrous or collagen casings, as well as netting.