Dairy Products: Fine Cutting and Clip Packaging for Cheese and Butter

Producers of processed and semi-finished cheese and butter products count on TIPPER TIE solutions for daily production.

The TTSealH produces heat-sealed and clipped chubs from cost-effective flat film for applications like mozzarella and other soft cheeses. A complete line of automatic and semi-automatic clippers excel for products like cheese spreads, Schmelzkase and Kochkase. Large diameter products such as deli cheese are easily handled with the SV4800 or RS4204 double clippers, with maximum diameters of 160 mm and 280 mm respectively. These machines are capable of slack filling, which allows forming d-shaped or square cheese blocks. Vacuum-fresh packaging with secure clip closure is possible with the TTVac, as well as the fully automated Rota-Matic vacuum packaging system.